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Suburban Home Renovation by Bower Architecture

There is something gallery-like in this beautiful contemporary house, located in Australia isn’t it? It’s not only the open sunny premises, or the rich contemporary art collection of the owners, is not only the stylish arrangement of premises or the plasticity and dynamic of the architectural construct, but it’s also in the quiet grace and the photogenic emanation of space.

Named Stepping house the project carried on by Bower Architecture is a renovation and additional construct to a suburban home from the 60’s, and while preserving the modest and privet facade of the house, the additional space evolves into modern dynamic premise consisting of several levels or steps and offers spacious comfort.

Exploring multiple entrances and connections with the cozy backyard and surrounding landscape the architects made sure that the home offers natural ventilation: along with several eco-friendly, low-waste and increased efficiency modern additions; and great union between nature and shelter.  The material palette of the home is sophisticated and practical including Australian bluestone and blackbutt timber surfaces, concrete and brickwork structures and, of course, the eminent wooden cladding and furniture. The lightens ( even, to say whiteness ) of the color palette is refreshed and accentuated by some dramatic choices –like dark gray walls with colorful pictures adorning them, black niches on white walls or fresh living greenery juxtaposed to caramel wood. All is laid with stylish approach and keeping the heart of the color composition in the base tonality of the classic white-beige –gray assembly. Altogether stylish and light interior for modern and arty living.  Photographs: Shannon McGrath

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