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Innovative and Located in Australia Elwood House

It may be small but is cozy; it may have hints of Asian aesthetic but is innovative and located in Australia. The beautiful design combined with the clever and functional usage of the limited space, which this narrow lane presents to the architects from Schulberg Demkiw is the signature feature for Elwood House, Beach Avenue, Victoria, Australia.

The wonderful wooden cladding brings warmth and style throughout the home and alternating with modern and dynamic usage of concrete, creates very pure and trendy ambiance. In the kitchen – stylish bespoke wooden cabinets and elegant timber bar chairs are accentuated by floating cantilevered concrete kitchen island that brings unique character to the space. The open float of the living premises is farther on extended and refreshed by the green bamboo wall that creates privacy and brings freshness within.

The ubiquitous presence of wood and recycled timber, even in bathrooms and patios, is straightened by the introduction of vital greenery and natural textures as functional solutions of the interior design. The color palette is neutral, elegant and consistent whit the art displayed throughout the house. The furnishing is contemporary, stylish and with fine lines, the tone for which is given by the elegant silhouette of the central staircase with its beautiful wooden construct.

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