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Contemporary Seaside Villa by Blatman-Cohen Architects

This beautiful contemporary seaside villa is located in Netanya, Israel and is designed with verve, for a family of five. The architects from Blatman-Cohen Architects had successfully blurred the borders between exterior and interior – one of the distinctive requirements of a modern architectural project – and had left the leading role for the composition of the home’s atmosphere to the surrounding landscape.

Beautiful local trees surround the unostentatious and naturally looking swimming pool, the continuity of floor and ceiling cladding between terraces and indoors transfuses into the soft green of the yards, and of course the natural material palette used in the construction creates a home where the warmth of the earth meets the modern functionality.

On the first floor, in the vast open – space living premise (which unites dining area, kitchen and living room) the designers combined the warmth of traditional textiles and rugs with the functionality of modern furniture and fittings. And this combination like the alternation of warm wooden cladding and the shining surfaces of glass and metal structures creates one ambiguous and intriguing ambiance. Thin black metal frames the interior, replicated in windows, a steel staircase, lamps, chairs, bookshelf structures – and it brings elegance and delicate finishing to it all. Basically the materials composing the project are refined and in rich spectrum; basalt slabs and dark stone, black steel and cedar panels, gray concrete and gorgeous wooden cladding – all combined to the end of one dynamic yet warm atmosphere.  Photographs: Amit Giron

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