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Aluminum Cladding House by Studio da Lange

This contemporary home with its minimalist and fresh expression was designed by the Israeli Studio da Lange for a young family of five. The house spatial arrangement is based (after close collaboration between owners and architects) on a free float of space, open communication between the different areas of the house and its surrounding garden; it is also aimed to be functional, modern and minimalist as a design expression.

The light cubical constructs of the two floors: the first containing the social areas of kitchen, dining, family room and living room, and the second with the more privet spaces; allows to architects and owners quite flexible arrangement not only as functions but also as design. The vast white premises are shaded by the high Israeli summer sun by aluminum lowers and adjustable aluminum panels that control the angle and amount of direct light, creating a shadow play on the pure white canvas of the interior.

The furnishing is mainly functional and modern and is the one detail that adds the color into the premises. Combining polished concrete for the floors and some of the furniture with the white plaster, Terrazzo, and stainless steel the designers create a home that is contemporary, feels light in perception, and it’s easy to maintain. The elegant minimalism of the premises is supplemented by some large contemporary paintings and photographs, by the unexpected color additions in pastel tonalities and by the light modern shapes of the furnishing.

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